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Discover the epitome of personalized comfort with our Ductless Mini-Splits services. Our expert installations are precisely crafted to provide tailored climate control, ensuring your indoor environment is perfectly suited to your preferences.


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At Advanced Heating & Air, our commitment to unparalleled HVAC solutions is woven into every service we offer. With a legacy of excellence serving Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties in Washington State, we take pride in our dedication to personalized climate control. Whether it's the precision of our installations, the swiftness of our repairs, or the innovation in our Ductless Mini-Splits service, we consistently elevate comfort to new heights. Trust Advanced Heating & Air for a seamless blend of expertise, reliability, and a touch of warmth that transforms your indoor environment. Welcome to a world where comfort meets craftsmanship – welcome to Advanced Heating & Air.

Craftsmanship excellence and reliability for year-round comfort.

Personalized service and innovative, versatile solutions for unparalleled comfort.

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Elevate your indoor experience with Advanced Heating & Air's Ductless Mini-Splits expertise. Discover tailored climate control, efficient solutions, and year-round comfort. Contact us for personalized installations, swift repairs, and innovative climate solutions that redefine comfort.

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Why Our Ductless Mini-Split Services Are the Best Choice

Opt for our ductless mini-split services for a flexible and efficient heating/cooling option. Ideal for any room or space, our systems offer personalized comfort with minimal disruption. Experience the benefits of our energy-efficient solutions and expert installations


Expert Team of Technicians

Our team comprises highly skilled technicians with in-depth knowledge and expertise in handling a wide range of HVAC systems.


Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with our services.


Prompt and Reliable Service

We pride ourselves on our prompt response times and reliable service. Whether it's an emergency repair or a routine maintenance check.


Discount For Seniors. Military & Veterans

Enjoy a 5% discount on our services for seniors, military members, and veterans - a token of our appreciation for your service and commitment.


Our Services

We Provide a Comprehensive Warranty on All Services

We offer a comprehensive range of professional HVAC services to cater to all your heating and air conditioning needs. Our experienced team is equipped to handle installations, repairs, and maintenance for a wide variety of systems.

Air Conditioning

Advanced Heating & Air ensures year-round comfort with expert installations, repairs, and maintenance for homes and businesses.

Heat Pump/ Furnaces

Count on us for reliable heat pump and furnace services, specializing in installations, repairs, and proactive maintenance.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Experience personalized comfort with our ductless mini-split services, providing expert installation, swift repairs, and meticulous maintenance.

Maintenance Agreements

Ensure HVAC longevity with our maintenance agreements, prioritizing regular upkeep, extending equipment lifespan, guaranteeing peak efficiency.

Innovative Solutions

Ductless Mini-Splits Excellence


Tailored Climate Control

Experience unmatched comfort with our expert Ductless Mini-Splits installations. Each system is precisely tailored for efficiency, offering versatile climate control personalized to your unique preferences.


Efficient Repairs, Meticulous Maintenance

Count on us for efficient Ductless Mini-Splits solutions. Our skilled technicians provide swift repairs and meticulous maintenance, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency throughout the seasons.


Innovative Cooling and Heating Solutions

Embrace year-round comfort with our innovative Ductless Mini-Splits. Offering both cooling and heating solutions, these systems transform any space into a haven of comfort, providing versatile and efficient climate control for your home or business.

How Do We Work

Our Process

We follow a streamlined process to ensure that all your HVAC needs are addressed efficiently and effectively.


Schedule Your Service

Contact us to schedule your service or a free estimate. Our experienced office staff ensures convenience in setting up appointments.


Explore and Select Options

Our trained technicians guide you through repair, installation, or tune-up options. Choose the best solution aligned with your needs.


Ensure Longevity with Maintenance

After restoration or initial activation, opt for a maintenance agreement. This ensures system efficiency, longevity, and peak performance for years to come.


Meet Our Expert Team

Service Scheduling Professionals

Efficient and experienced, our office staff ensures hassle-free service scheduling and free estimates.

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Ductless FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Ductless Mini-Splits offer versatile, energy-efficient heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. They provide personalized comfort in individual rooms or zones, allowing for precise temperature control.

Absolutely! Ductless systems are ideal for older homes as they require minimal installation work. The absence of ducts makes them a flexible and efficient solution for various home types.

Regular cleaning of filters and professional check-ups are recommended. Our maintenance services include thorough inspections to keep your system operating efficiently and maintaining indoor air quality.

Ductless systems are designed for quiet operation. The indoor units produce minimal noise, offering a peaceful environment. Advances in technology have made these systems an excellent choice for noise-conscious individuals.

Yes, Ductless Mini-Splits are designed to provide both heating and cooling. They offer a year-round solution, efficiently adapting to the changing seasons and ensuring comfort in any weather.

In many areas, there are energy efficiency incentives and rebates for installing Ductless Mini-Splits. Check with local utility companies or government programs to explore potential savings and benefits.