How Much Does a Ductless Heat Pump Cost?

A complete guide for ductless heat pump pricing

So what’s the cost?” 


One of the most important questions when making any type of purchase, a question that most people don’t like to answer until the very end after they have told you all the great things about the system.


Especially when looking at the HVAC industry, finding a price for a new system can be a long process.


First you contact a company or multiple companies, then they come out to your house and walk you through what options may work for you. You wait a few days, and eventually you receive a bid or estimate and finally you are able to take a look at what it’s going to cost.


But in today’s world with so much information readily available online we find it is much more helpful to offer this type of information before you ever pick up the phone and give us a call.


That is why today we are going over “how much does a ductless heat pump cost?


Before we get too far into this blog however we do want to point out that this subject is highly variable and can differ from home to home and even from company to company so the prices that we advertise here may not be 100% accurate. 


After this article however you should have a pretty good idea as to how much a new ductless heat pump will cost to install in your home. 


So let’s get into it. We will be breaking this subject down into three main categories.


Why are ductless heat pumps cheaper than traditional heat pumps, what factors can affect the price of a ductless heat pump and finally how much does a ductless heat pump cost?


Why Are Ductless Heat Pumps Cheaper Than Traditional Heat Pumps?


If you have ever received a bid for a new heating system or talked to any HVAC company you will have likely noticed that ductless heat pumps are usually less expensive than traditional heat pumps or furnaces.


But why is that? Well it’s fairly simple really. The way that ductless heat pumps work to heat and cool your home is much different than their traditional counterparts.


And it is because of this fundamental difference that ductless heat pumps are cheaper, so how are they different and how does that affect the price?


Well, ductless heat pumps as you may have guessed do not require ducting like traditional heat pumps.


If you are unfamiliar, ducting is the variable sized tubing typically run under your home or in your attic that directs the heated and cooled air from your heat pump throughout your home.


(Ex.1 Ducting)


Ductless systems are able to do without this ducting because they direct air throughout the home through a unit that mounts on the wall.

Ductless Wall Unit

(Ex.2 Ductless wall unit)


It is this fundamental difference that results in the pricegap. Ducting is not only expensive especially for larger homes where more ducting has to be run throughout. But it takes more time to install meaning you have to pay for more labor.


Ducting for an average sized home in the US roughly 2,014 Sq. feet, can cost anywhere from $4,500-$6,500 depending on the company you choose to install your new system.


And will take anywhere from 2-5 days to install depending on the size of the home and whether it is an existing home or new construction. 


Comparing this to a ductless system which can usually be done in 2-8 hours by a single technician, you can see why ductless systems are quite a bit cheaper in almost every case.


What Factors Can Affect The Price Of a Ductless Heat Pump?


Obviously HVAC is not a one size fits all type of industry, the price you get for a new system may not be the same price as your neighbor gets.


But why is that?


Well when looking at ductless heat pumps there are a couple major factors that can affect the price of your new system.


These factors include the layout, home size and unit choice.


So how does the layout of your home affect the price of a ductless heat pump? Well when we look at how the ductless heat pumps function as we mentioned earlier they push air throughout the home through a unit that mounts on the wall.


With this ductless heat pumps excel at heating open concept homes where there are minimal walls that can interrupt that airflow, whereas in a closed concept home with many different spaces a single ductless heat pump will struggle to heat and cool each space. 


If your heart is set on a ductless heat pump and you have a more closed concept home it can be done, but you will have to get more wall units or “heads”. These are typically called multi-zone systems where each “head” is a different zone.


For example, if you need a 3 zone system you will have to have 3 wall units installed to properly heat and cool your home.

Multi-zone Ductless System

(Ex.3 Multi-zone ductless system)


As one can imagine the more “heads” needed the more expensive the system will be to install. An average multi-zone system will range anywhere from $12,500 +.


This same rule applies to the size of your home, even if you have an open concept home one ductless heat pump wall unit can only heat so much space.


Ductless heads can usually heat anywhere from 1,800-2,000 sq. feet effectively before needing a second “zone” or wall unit.


The other main factor that can affect the price of a new ductless system is unit choice. 

Most companies that produce ductless heat pumps offer a couple different options when it comes to the type(s) of systems they offer.


For example, Mitsubishi, the only manufacturer of ductless heat pumps that we put in offer two options. The “standard ductless heat pumps” and “hyper heat ductless heat pumps


Besides the fancy name “hyper heat” these systems offer 100% efficiency in heating down to 5 degrees whereas the standard ductless heat pumps are 100% efficient down to 25 degrees.


With that the price increase between a standard ductless heat pump and a hyper heat ductless system is usually about $1,800+.


So How Much Do Ductless Heat Pumps Cost?


As we have gone over there are multiple factors that can affect the cost of a ductless heat pump, but the question remains – “how much does a ductless heat pump cost?


In the table below price ranges are listed based on sq. footage, obviously sq. footage of the home doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to cost as we have mentioned


But it does give a good starting point and hopefully the information we went over earlier will help you come up with a good ballpark as to how much it will cost to have a new ductless heat pump installed in your home.


Over our 19 years in business we have seen and installed all sorts of different systems, and learned one of the most crucial rules in this industry.


HVAC is almost never a one size fits all, so the prices you see here may be more or less then the system you decide to have installed in your home.


With that your first step whenever you are looking to do something related to your HVAC system should be to call a local company and talk to their professionally trained staff and go over the options available to you.