A Complete Guide to Heat Pump & Air Conditioner Warranties


With almost anything you buy you want to know what type of guarantees or warranties that product will come with, especially if it is something that you will use for years to come.


It is no different with heat pumps, practically every time we go to someone’s house and present them with the options that are available, people want to know what type of warranty or guarantee that system will come with.


Now before we get too far into this we want to point out that this subject is highly variable and can differ from client to client, even from company to company. 


So the warranties or guarantees that we point out in this article may not apply to every scenario, but with that said you should leave this article with a pretty good idea of what kind of warranties and guarantees the system you decide to purchase will come with.


It is also important to note that any work done by a non certified HVAC technician will void almost any warranty that comes with the system being installed, so as a word to the wise DO NOT do any DIY work to your HVAC unit.


With that let’s dive into what type of warranties are standard across the industry, such as parts warranties, labor warranties and extended warranties.


And what types of warranties are dependent upon the company, the employees that they have and how they can differ from business to business. 


Industry Standard Warranties


When looking at warranties for your new HVAC system there are a few different types that are standard across the industry. 


As we mentioned earlier these warranties usually take the form of parts warranties, labor warranties and system warranties.


But what do those terms mean? And what is actually covered by these warranties?


Parts warranties are offered by the company that actually makes the system itself, for example, Mitsubishi, Trane, Carrier, etc.. 


Now it may be a little self explanatory that parts warranties cover the parts themselves, the pieces that make the unit, but what is often overlooked is the labor costs to replace these parts.


A parts warranty will cover the cost to replace the parts that broke but they will not cover the labor cost to replace said parts. 


Parts warranties usually last for about 5-10 years.


The next most common type of warranty provided by HVAC companies are labor warranties. 


Labor warranties are provided by the company that installed the heat pump, a heating company will usually give you a 1 year labor warranty after the installation of your new system.


In most cases a labor warranty will cover the cost of the new part and the labor to replace the broken part.


Last but not least are extended warranties, again these are offered by the HVAC companies themselves.


Usually these last anywhere between 7 and 10 years, some companies will provide free maintenance and filter changes with an extended warranty while others may not.


Extended warranties are an additional cost that is optional and can range anywhere from $800-$1500 depending on the length of the overall warranty purchased, and what is included. 


Company Dependant Warranties


Now that we have gone over the most common industry wide warranties, let’s take a look at some of the company dependent warranties that may or may not be provided by your HVAC company. 


As we talked about earlier most system manufacturers will offer parts warranties whenever you have a unit installed.


But depending on the company, that warranty can be even longer than the standard warranty term.


For example, here at Advanced Heating & Air we are what’s known as Mitsubishi Diamond Elite Contractor. To gain that title each of our employees have to go through multiple classes and training programs.


By doing so instead of our clients receiving the 7 years parts warranty that Mitsubishi offers our clients receive a 12 year parts warranty.


So depending on the company that is installing your system you may get the standard parts warranty from the manufacturer or an extended warranty free of charge.


Another warranty that can vary from company to company is the labor warranty. As we said earlier a labor warranty provided by your HVAC company is usually about 1 year, but some companies do offer longer or shorter term warranties.


So Why Does This Matter To You?


Well getting straight to the point it saves you money. HVAC systems have many moving parts and can break down over time just like anything else.


And by knowing what type of warranties are available and what you may or may not be receiving in terms of warranties or guarantees that can help you choose which company you may want to work with, and please your bank account in the process.


It is important to research what companies you are considering before you make any kind of decision when it comes to buying an HVAC system.


Not only do you want to make sure that you will get good service but you want to make sure that you are getting the best options available when it comes to the warranties and guarantees that come with your new system.


We aren’t the only company that is able to offer extended warranties on certain products, but after almost 20 years in the industry we understand that sometimes as hard as we try, things break.


That is why we take every step possible to make sure that you, the customer, is covered.